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I am a fluid dynamics researcher, interested in numerical modeling of fluid flows, and a Python enthousiast.

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Mon 28 June 2021
New adventure

New adventure, outside academia

Sun 10 January 2021
Symposium ELSI 2021

ELSI Symposium 2021 happening online

Wed 02 December 2020
AGU 2020

AGU 2020

Sun 01 November 2020
Fete de la Science 2020

Fete de la Science 2020 at Nantes

Mon 25 May 2020
New paper: exoplanets structure (Noack & Lasbleis 2020)

New paper published in Astronomy \& Astrophysics

Sun 05 January 2020
New paper: inner core compaction

New paper published in Geophysical Research Letters

Mon 19 August 2019

I started my project InDyMag on March this year

Sun 02 December 2018

Two posters at AGU 2018

Mon 10 September 2018
Starting a new position

I just started a post-doc at LPG!

Sun 15 July 2018
WPI Visit 2018

WPI visit on July 23-25

Sun 01 July 2018
Study of the Earth Deep Interior meeting 2018

I'll be at the SEDI meeting 2018 in Edmonton, Canada, in July.

Sun 01 July 2018
Summer 2018 in Tokyo

Mathilde Kervazo, from Nantes, is joigning ELSI for the summer.

Thu 14 June 2018
New website

This is the first article on my new website!